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Stepping Through the Portal of Joy

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by AlixSandra Parness, DD

In the summer of 1997, I received a message to give to the world: that we, the children of God, are the Essence of Pure Goodness, and furthermore, our Goodness has nothing to do with our actions or the actions of anyone else. Since that time I have meditated and written extensively on this idea and offered the teaching in almost every class. The healings have been profound. The awareness of Goodness resonates with old patterns that have dictated otherwise. This teaching has shown us the power of polarity as we have chosen to experience it in this reality. The idea of everyone having inherent goodness within them seems diametrically opposed to everything most of humanity really believes. Pain and suffering have been the accepted ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment and we have been dedicated to this rule. We have mastered limitation, struggle, disease, and genocide and are now looking to take the path leading in the opposite direction. Goodness, the opposite of almost everything we believe for ourselves, holds a vision for the way. Humanity is ready for the initiation of the new century and the group consciousness of Inner Focus is also ready to receive and implement the soul-directives of our collective higher consciousness.

On September 30th, Inner Focus’ conscious journey through the Portal of Joy began. Each class unfolding the message like a flower opening in the sun. The final piece came in as the Ottawa class joined the Inner Focus Community Meditation, Nov. 7 (our practice on the first Sunday of every month). Later during a longer guided meditation the most astounding teaching came flowing through me. A Journey, guided by the Master Himself to join the Holy Trinity of me, Myself and I. This message was the final clue to us entering the Portal of JOY giving us new information to guide our consciousness in the New Millennium. [The following is an excerpt of a larger writing I am preparing, which will be available on our website soon.]

Many years ago I received insight into a deeper meaning of the Holy Trinity. (Christian understanding explains it as, God, the Son and the Holy Ghost.) I was in the process of healing my wounded child, looking for ways to reach her and bring her into my heart when in a meditation I heard these words, "You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven except as a little child… I will show you a way this relates to you and your journey into divine awareness." The meaning as I understood and experienced it is this; as our personality reaches for a higher understanding of itself it looks for God and what it finds is its own Higher Self or God Essence. This part of us is the gatekeeper to our Soul and Divine Teachers. It is through our Higher Self that we carefully purify the fears and limitations of our personality. Each time we connect in any way healing of the personality occurs. Little by little we begin to see a larger picture and we feel better about ourselves. We literally begin to feel the essence of goodness inside, which we probably knew was there all the time. When this experience is deeply felt it opens many portals into higher realms of self-awareness and begins the process of awakening our soul. There are blissful and euphoric feelings that give a taste of true JOY. We then step through a very profound portal, for at this point the soul has been awakened, and without hesitation begins to merge with the personality. The Divine Plan that decrees all souls may come home to God is now activated and the ascension process begins. Ascension is the gradual unfolding of our higher consciousness, dissolving the veils of illusion that keep us ignorant and limited in our realization of the Truth.

There is an important key to the completion of this level of the ascension process that must be remembered and understood. The awareness of our Divine Child disowned and forgotten. This child, born to deliver JOY and walk us through this portal, is often shunned and pushed aside. My quest, through the evolvement of the school and of myself, is to uncover the mystery of conscious ascension and bring it into an unlimited everyday experience for all of us. Our Birthright is JOY!

Let me lead you through the rest of the weeks as we spiraled upward into JOY. October in Minneapolis for one short day, a group of spiritual seekers explored the difference between humor, jokes, happiness and joy. To help us understand what we were dealing with, Paul Ditcheit, a member of our faculty, and I brought in the Energy of JOY. Some may have thought we would be rolling around on the floor laughing. That’s not what happened. What we felt was a profound shift, an expansion and a deepening in our hearts that was almost euphoric. JOY, we discovered, is not an emotion. JOY is an energy of the Divine, an essence of Soul that is palpable and real.

The next veil dissolved in the Star Two class when we decided to hold the Energy of JOY as long as possible. What we discovered was that JOY dislodges and dissolves anything opposed to it.

Inner Focus is a teaching of spiritual mastery and I am on the path with everyone else. All of the teachings have come through experience and awareness and this one has been no different. When the day was finished I realized that I’d had a reaction to the energy of JOY and seemed to fall back into an old pattern of self-denial. I was doing a healing on myself when I discovered a worn and ragged child I could not heal. No matter how I tried this child only became more obstinate and being in the old pattern, I became angrier with myself. I was in my stuff and could not see the forest for the trees. Several days passed before the healing surfaced. When I was ready for the understanding, with the help of a fellow teacher, I raised myself above the issue and looked back as the observer. It was then I saw my True Self. This vision lifted me tremendously and then I saw the child I thought was just me. A ragged sad dirty little face peered at me and transmitted a message deep in my heart. "I am the children of the universe. I hold the essence of JOY. When I came to bring it to you, I was greeted (by the world) with scorn and fear." Paul and I held this child in the awareness of our hearts and the next morning brought it into the group energy of Star One for healing. In that angelic healing all of us realized the importance of what was happening, not only for each one, but for humanity as well. Stepping through the portal of JOY meant reclaiming the Divine Child.

Our memories of pain and suffering have been so important to us, they seem to have become our identity, and torment most of our lives. When they are not healed we project those memories onto others and play out scenes of abuse over and over with lots of different scripts and characters to help us. Many of us have worked for years to heal and develop our spiritual consciousness. We are happier and more alive than ever, and still there is more. One of the messages spoken that Sunday Morning in Ottawa was; "the future will take care of itself... the stories of the past are irrelevant". Is this what Buddha realized as he sat under the Bodi Tree? All of the Masters talk of Love and Joy and Bliss in their experiences with the Divine. Is this the real meaning of surrender, to allow our stories to burn in the fire of Divine Love? For who will we be without our story? In the ascension process our personality merges with our soul and God-essence; the lessons we have become so attached to dislodge and dissolve.

We all know the reoccurring cycles have to stop, but how? Again a message appeared for consideration. Allow your complete being, the Holy Trinity of: your Higher Self-God Essence; your Adult Self (integrated personality and Soul living in the moment); and your Divine Child to be at peace, knowing that all is well. Peace is a power that sees through the veils of illusion, which recognizes the truth of Goodness in all things no matter how they may appear. Peace quiets the torments of pain and allows the idea of suffering to disappear.

Your child no longer tormented by separation, your personality expanded by soul awareness standing as the true adult, and your Higher Self-God Essence, who has been holding a space of unity for you all along. This Sacred Trinity has many levels which are Portals within themselves, all leading to one great truth. It Is All The Same One Thing! 2000 is calling this energy into awareness. There is a secret shown to us in the channeled poem on page one. The Two Become One. Male and Female are they. Two sides of the Same Coin. Peace and Joy cannot be separated. Joy is a Portal into Heaven, a place of Peace. However, Peace is the only thing that will open the Portal of Joy. Inner Focus has taught us to transform our fears and discover our Divinity. Now, the teaching for the coming year is to bring ourselves to Peace through balance and surrender. To live in the moment without the story, and grieve for the loss of it. To experience the Divine Energy of Joy and hold it as long as we can until we uncover another we can bring into Peace.

My Love To You and Blessings of Peace and Joy,



Healthy Relationships

by AlixSandra Parness

Life is about Relationship on every level of our being. It is the reason we chose to be human. Our understanding about relationships and relating, is evolving as the members of different societies, and groups of people within those societies evolve themselves. Rules of behavior and moral conduct have usually been the deciding factors in our upbringing forming the path we choose in our life. However there are other factors that must be considered if we are to understand why we are in some of the relationships we find ourselves in, and then be able to bring ourselves to choice about transforming those relationships.

The Soul is a major factor in forming relationships. Our Soul has one goal, to help us resolve conflictive patterns and bring us to the place of unconditional love and light. Our personal Soul works individually with us, it connects to a group Soul.and then a Planetary Soul. There is a group Soul for each society. The one goal of resolving patterns of conflict is the presiding element in personal relationships, group relationships and relationships between societies. Each level of Soul can be reached, and are constantly reached through introspection and meditation. If you have ever prayed for world peace you are sending your messages to the Planetary Soul who then communicates with your individual Soul. Your personal Soul then attracts situations through relationships that offer you the opportunity to achieve your own prayer. You may see results in the world, but you will surely see them reflected in your own life. The Soul has already evolved to a place that understands we are all one, its job is to help us understand as well.

The Soul must always honor the prime directive of free choice. The Soul must go through our personality and cannot override our decisions and desires. Our personality deals with day to day issues and sees only what is directly in front of it. The personality is only in touch with the big picture through the Higher Self and Soul, and often has a very narrow view of relationships. The personality thinks our relationships should last forever and is devastated when they don't. Why? Because the personality needs to feel safe and safety relates to holding onto what it knows very often negating free choice. The Soul on the other hand has a broader view and knows safety is not the issue. The Soul relishes change because change represents greater opportunities to meet its goal. Therefore, relationships are not always meant to last forever. Relationships build character and so relationships will come and go according to the mirrors we need to see in ourselves. The Soul draws on our vast experiences, finds the places that need culling and strengthening, and then brings us the perfect relationship to mirror the lesson that needs to be learned. Our job is to allow the change to take place and release the relationship when we feel complete. When we are unable to do this we enter into an unhealthy relationship which we will defend against all reason. The personality is now in charge.

The results of unhealthy relationships are evident. They are oppressive and foster deceit and denial. It is not until the pain becomes unbearable that the Soul is sought after once again. Our heart cries out for peace, for honesty, for respect, and for happiness. It is the longing of the heart that communicates and reaches our compassionate Soul immediately. With the Souls direction the first thing that usually happens is that we seek out a group Soul that reflects the integrity we are looking for. Within this group we are able to redefine ourselves. To heal wounds and transform energies that will lift us out of the fear-based world of the personality. We learn about self-love and self-compassion as we heal. But, most of all we learn about truth. We learn that truth is not something to be feared, we learn that truth sets us free. We learn that it is OK to say what we feel when we feel it even though it might feel unpleasant. This awareness unlocks the door to healthy relationships, healthy mirrors we look into, and that look back at us with compassion and love. Healthy relationships that allow us freedom while maintaining integrity.

A healthy relationship says, I am learning to define myself, "Thank you for allowing me to be myself while I learn to live my life in the best way possible for both of us."

Codependent relationships compromise integrity. A codependent relationship says, You define me, "I need you to tell me who I am." And, "I can never be or do enough" or "I have to control you to feel powerful" (humiliation is good for the soul). As long as these ideas are acting out, this relationship is not healthy.

Twelve Elements of Healthy Relationships: 1. Mutual Trust

2. Good Communication

3. To Feel Included

4. Fun, finding enjoyment in life

5. To be wanted, admired, and loved

6. Spiritual Commitment

7. A Sense of Giving

8. Intimacy

9. Growth, maturing elegantly in the process of relationship

10. Healing, Honesty Always

11. Freedom to Be

12. Honoring each other as a sacred treasure of God What we look for in another we long for in ourselves. The halls of mirrors change as we learn to accept ourselves. Self-Love is the final frontier in evolving healthy relationships.

"You Are A Sacred Treasure Of God"

By AlixSandra Parness

In our last issue we talked about healthy relationships and there were 12 points to be considered in developing a Healthy Relationship.

Twelve Elements of Healthy Relationships:

1. Mutual Trust

2. Good Communication

3. To Feel Included

4. Fun, finding enjoyment in life together

5. To be wanted, admired, and loved

6. Spiritual Commitment

7. A Sense of Giving (unconditionally)

8. Intimacy

9. Growth, maturing elegantly in the process of relationship

10. Healing, with Honesty Always

11. Freedom to Be Yourself

12. Honoring each other as a sacred treasure of God

As we enter a season created to help us remember what a sacred treasure is, I thought I would share my vision of point 12 with you.

As our world evolves it seems we as humans hold ourselves in less esteem than ever. We need to be reminded of the treasure that we are, the treasure that deserves honesty, love, consideration, respect, humility and compassion. A treasure that knows its inherent "goodness". We need to become aware of this treasure in ourselves so that we can also recognize it in others. I believe this is a pivotal point in maintaining a healthy relationship.

"I Am A Sacred Treasure Of God" therefore

I am worthy of adoration.

Adoration is the doorway to abundance, for when you adore someone you immediately want to give them something, to lay gifts at their feet.

Adoration Evokes Prosperity.

Adoration leads us into divine light. I am adored and I adore you. I bow before your magnificence. On bended knee I offer you my heart. I adore you. Now offer the same message to yourself. Adore yourself.

If I can adore myself I can see past the outer flaws and into the center of my heart. I can see the sparkle of rubies and emeralds, gold and silver, the treasure waiting for me. I can stand in my own divine light. Now, I can see into your heart and know your true beauty.

Sing Songs of Adoration. Many of us will join choirs and sing hymns of Hallelujah, Glory to God in the Highest, Blessed Babe in the Manger, Sacred Treasure of God. What if those songs were written especially for you? What if the angels are singing them, adoring you, laying gifts at your feet and holding you close?

"I Am A Sacred Treasure Of God" and angels gather in choirs to adore me. True, it takes some getting used to even attempting to accept this idea. So, lets get used to it. We enter the last 370 days before the change of the guard, before the trumpets blow to usher in the new millennium. "I Am A Sacred Treasure Of God", they bellow, I Am the Essence of Pure Goodness and I walk into the new century arraigned in a cloak of Light. I allow everyone to see my treasure. I adore that which I AM. As a sacred treasure of God I can see your treasure and adore you, shower gifts upon you and love you as never before.

This is my prayer for you this holiday season and for the years to come.


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