Basic Training

A Requirement for the Inner Focus Mystery School

Inner Focus Programs are a beautiful combination of teaching and experiential work which flows with the group consciousness. The Basic Training is taught by all Inner Focus Faculty Members in various parts of the United States and Canada.

Check the Calendar of Events for the Basic Training Schedule, and see Registration for further information.


Our new and expanding universe is calling us into our greatest and most powerful life ever. Discover a Dynamic Tools for Self-Healing and Alignment! Vibrationally transform negative energies, awaken your spiritual essence and bring yourself back into the matrix of health, happiness and wholeness!

The Basic Training is a life-changing experience of self empowerment. The training is focused on learning how to realign with Source by revealing patterns of disease, co-dependency, and abuse using your own awareness to provide access to the Path Of Allowing. Your Transformation will be immediate providing a deeply spiritual experience, which will empower you to live your greater potential. The results are lasting. You will also be taught how to use these techniques for yourself and others.


- Awakening The Joy Factor In You

- Connecting with Your Personal Guidance System

- Energetics of your Chakra System

- A.R.T. Inner Focus Alignment Resonance Technique

- Meditation and Movement

- Soul Centered Healing

- Creating Your Unique Reality

- Living from your Heart

- Keeping Up with the 2012 Expanded Consciousness



- Connecting with your Higher Self and Source

- Alignment Resonance Technique

- Passion and Joy 

- Transmissions of Light

- Grounding Higher Dimensions

- Alignment with Your Source

- Universal Laws

- Transformation of Core Issues

- Self-Empowerment

- Meditation, Music, and Laughter

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