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is  in  the  process  of  building  a  complete "Required Reading" and "Recommended Reading"  list for the 
Inner  Focus  Healing  School  courses.

The Book Store Is Open To The Public

Although the Bookstore was conceived to provide students with an easy method of procuring course material, the bookstore is open to, and we welcome the public. 

Bookstore Hints

  • Clicking on a title of a book, or a book cover, will open a new window on top of this one, with the appropriate ordering information at 

  • Credit cards and other forms of payment are accepted, security guaranteed, and books are discounted -some up to 40%. 

  • The price listed by each book may vary from the actual ordering price at due to various promotions, sales, or changes in discount structure.

  • You may close the window at any time, 
    and this page will be waiting here for you.. 

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