Inner Focus CD's

The Inner Focus Healing School utilizes only the finest available material and study aids.

Now, for the first time, Inner Focus is making some of this extraordinary material available to the public.

And we do mean extraordinary! Each tape or CD is of the finest quality, professionally recorded, and includes the talents of some of the most highly recognized individuals in their field. Tapes are $10: CD's are $16. (plus $2.50 shipping.)

For Instance, Emmy Award winning performer and composer Jim Oliver, (with an extensive background in research into the healing effects of music on the human body, mind and spirit.) and composers such as Oman Ken, Ray Lynch, Richard Schulman, and of course, Inner Focus founder, AlixSandra Parness.

These offerings will change from time to time, and be updated as new material becomes available for public release. Check back often, or subscribe to the free newsletter to keep informed.

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