Registration & Tuition

There are different forms to register for the various Inner Focus programs.

Please choose the appropriate form from the list below. Most forms are also available Adobe Acrobat formatting for an easy printout. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The forms are printed through your browser window, and can either be mailed or faxed to the school administration office.

Payment can be made via personal check, money order, or credit card. If using a credit card, you will be asked to call the school to give the pertinent information.

Tuition Information

Basic Training

In the Basic Training you learn the Inner Focus Process, Alignment Resonance Technique, and the fundamentals of the Mystery of Energy Healing, which are the foundation of all Inner Focus Programs and the Inner Focus Mystery School of Advanced Energy Healing. Basic Training is a prerequisitefor the school. Certain Inner Focus Healing Intensives may qualify as Basic Training: please contact for further information.

Tuition: approximately $350 for this 3-day session. This price may vary depending upon the location.

Mystery School

Modules are taught in 5-day segments. New students must enter the school at Module 1 

Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration

Prerequsites: Basic Training can be taken anytime before 

Requirements: Home study is imperative. Ten (10) written practicum’s are required to enter each module. One hundred (50) must be completed to graduate. (Support groups are created in your area.)

Graduation: You will receive a Diploma at completion of Module 6 provided all the requirements are met.

Tuition: $6000 for enrolled students. 

Food and Lodging are separate.


The Certification Program is only available to graduates of Inner Focus. The program will be taught in Las Vegas unless there are 20 or more students in a local area.

Prerequisites: Diploma from the Inner Focus Mystery School.

Requirements: Diploma; 100 practicums are required for certification, (this number includes practicum required for your diploma). Ten to twenty of the fifty practicums must be toward your case study.

Students will arrange for 5 one-on-one mentoring sessions. There is a nominal charge of $100. per session
An in-depth case study must be presented to the faculty before certification.

You will receive a CAEH Certified Advanced Energy Healer upon completion and be listed with the school for referrals.

Tuition: $1,500. payable before the commencement of the class

Food and Lodging are separate.

Ministerial Training and Licensing are also available. Please contact for further information.

Masters’ Programs and Teacher Training for graduates are also available. Please contact for further information.

Enrollment Procedures

Although School Programs are currently offered in Las Vegas, Nevada three times a year. 

There are separate enrollment agreements for attendance in US and Canada, under the Registration heading on the upper right of this page.

Payment options are available for enrolled students.

Please contact the office for details 1-800-600-8283

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