School Outline

INNER FOCUS HEALING AND MYSTERY SCHOOL is a professional school for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing and Enlightenment with teachings for everyone. 

We are a Mystery School for Divine Mastery, revealing the Mystery Of Your Divine Self.

We are a Healing School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing.

INNER FOCUS empowers individuals to work heartfully with vibrational energy, and develop into compassionate, heart -centered uplifters and enlightened human beings... who have learned to consciously direct a healing process while giving back the power to heal to the client, co-creating community and enlightened group consciousness. The teaching style is experiential and on the leading edge of our awakening consciousness. The emphasis is on each student's vibrational expansion and Inner Focus, crucial to the development of healership.

As you work individually and in group you will gain a clear understanding of your vibrational offering and that of your client's as well. Through practicing the fundamental skills taught throughout the courses your personal issues will be greatly relieved and a sense of commitment and self-esteem deepened. You come to believe in yourself and others and trust your sense of well being.

On the pages of the curriculum we have outlined goals in each of the modules. However, INNER FOCUS is a living teaching that flows with the energies that present themselves on a daily basis, so expect changes and the inclusion of areas of study not mentioned in the course outlines.

Our intention is to bring you into your own sovereignty and enlightenment as you become the best human possible.

Anyone interested in healing is invited to attend regardless of training or background. Inner Focus teaches in-depth healing techniques, spiritual practices and personal growth intended to deepen group experience and solidify your skills.

The school is devoted to lifting the consciousness of everyone who attends, and to upholding the highest standards of ethics in healership. The school meets for five days three times a year. In order to maintain personal and spiritual growth, and the continuity between modules, home study is required.


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