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Listen, Humanity

Listen, Humanity
by Meher Baba
Price: $10.85

"Don't Worry, Be Happy!" Meher Baba's constant reminder to all who visited him during his later
days, became a runaway hit tune, but his even more persistent message during all of his life was: LOVE. 

During Meher Baba's group meetings in India in November 1955 the warm, intimate sense of profound love was constant. In Listen, Humanity Meher Baba's own words and the framing of the occasion by
the narrator capture this essence. The flowering of the spiritual yearnings of this ancient land is just this atmosphere of vital warmth and oneness achieved in the simplicity of their daily life, and rarely the
many-coloured coat of supernatural experience so often claimed.

Seth Speaks

Seth Speaks : 
The Eternal Validity of the Soul 
(A Seth Book)

by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts
Price: $14.36

With my masters degrees in theological studies and education I have read a LOT of books relating to philosophy, religion, spirituality, etc. For me, the Seth books are the finest, most challenging books in the field of metaphysics. His thoughts are provocative, yet comforting. He challenges my preconceptions and misperceptions at every turn while somehow managing to make me feel better about myself and more hopeful about our world. This is what good teachers do.

Seth communicates several core ideas, including the notion that we each create our own reality through our deepest beliefs and expectations about life. He explores the scientific, psychological, and emotional aspects of his ideas in language that is sometimes complex, yet always straightforward. He also shows how key life priciples operate from the smallest cellular level to the grandest reaches of the cosmos. Indeed, Seth presents the sort of Unified Field Theory that scientists have long been seeking.

Time and again, when reading Seth, I have said, "Yes, this is what I have experienced, though I didn't really grasp it at the time." If you are interested in taking your mind and soul on an expansive journey, I recommend starting with Seth Speaks.
~ A reader from Somerville, MA United States

The Nature of Personal Reality

The Nature of Personal Reality : 
Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know 
(A Seth Book)

by Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts 
Price: $14.36

The book is about meta-physics in the truest sense of the world - above physics. Unlike religion, which presents a set a dogmatic beliefs, this book presents non-judge-mental information. The approach is "try it; if it makes sense to you, use it."

Some of the insights have to do with how we shape our own reality. Seth teaches us that we always have a choice about what is happening in our lives, and provides insights as to why seemingly bad things may be happening. In all cases, these things have to do with something that we have chosen. Its not about karma, or retribution, or atonement. Its more about creating the kind of life you want to have for yourself. Once you realize the mechanics of things and how the universe works, you can shape your life to better suit you.

This is what I mean by meta-physics. This book is almost a "how to guide" of the universe. Once you know what the mechanisms are, you have a much better time understanding how to use them.
               ~Matt Belge

The Magical Approach

The Magical Approach : 
Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living 
(A Seth Book)

by Seth, Jane Roberts, Robert F. Butts
Price: $10.36

I have read all of the previous Seth books and found a sharp contrast with this one. Previous books talk a lot about the mechanics involved in idea construction, which is very interesting but aren't things we need to think about on a daily basis. This book really brings out the most important aspects of the Seth Material. The idea that we don't have to worry about all these underlying mechanisms and cause and effect. It is simply being open to the magic in the world and having the attitude to expect the best. It really takes all the previous books and says, "Here is how everything I've told you actually applies to daily life!" Great book! It's funny... I read this book about once a month and every time I read it I ALWAYS find that particular passages jump out at me differently than the time before.
          ~Tommy Long

Wheels of Light

Wheels of Light : 
Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body

by Rosalyn L. Bruyere
Price: $11.20

A leading figure in the field of healing and mind/body research presents an intriguing, multidisciplinary, and multicultural study of the human energy field. "A most impressive blend of extensive research and expert personal observation."
                 --Meditation magazine

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