Hey there—I’m Clayton H., and I’m the architect of Inner Focus.

In a world keen on offering neatly packaged choices, I stand before you, not just as a business owner and parent, but as a fellow thinker who’s dared to navigate the ‘grey zone’ of life. The journey here isn’t about treading the well-worn path of right and wrong but exploring the vast expanse of what lies beyond our conditioned sight—the allegorical cave where most are content to see shadows.

The structures around us, designed to reward or punish us, often cage our thinking. We’re told that to deviate is to create a mess, to err, and to become the inadvertent villain in our own narratives. But what if I told you that your ‘run-ins’ and ‘side quests’ are not distractions but the essence of a richer journey?

At Inner Focus, we embrace the ethos that our thinking needs to be liberated from reality’s grasp. While our daily motions can run on the autopilot of habit, our minds are capable of an upgrade, a renaissance of thought that touches the Icarian sun without the fall. We have to work on thinking about our thinking, to allow us to bypass the usual objections that form our “reality”.

I’m here to tell you: You can be the hero of your story by re-re-re-re-re-authoring The Script; not by following it. By seeking out life’s side quests, those beautiful grey areas, we reauthor our lives (How so, I’ll explain it real soon in another post). We actually wield the pen in a world that too often scripts our narrative for us.

So, let’s journey together. Let’s delve into the side quests that enrich our existence, seek the silver linings hidden from plain sight, and reauthor the stories of our lives with a newfound agency. I’m Clayton, and this is Inner Focus—your invitation to own your narrative, to think beyond the cave, and to discover the power of the grey.

Welcome to the quest for a self-authored life.